Australian Capital Territory

Name: Dr Chiragakis
Area: Gynaecologist
Private or public: Private. Can claim back on Medicare.
Contact number: (02) 6282 1504
Address: Corrinna Chambers, Corinna St, Phillip
“Saw this doctor a few times regarding pain on intercourse. No mention of weight, and no suggestions of ‘lifestyle changes’. As far as I could tell, he didn’t regard my weight as a part of the problem.”

Name: ACT Sexual Health and Family Planning Clinic – All doctors and nurses.
Area: Sexual and reproductive health
Private or public: Private non-profit, has low-cost appointments for Health Care Card holders, Medicare rebates available for some appointments – varies by service
Contact number: (02) 6247 3077
Address: Level One, 28 University Ave, Canberra
Comments: “Fat-friendly, disability-friendly, queer-friendly, feminist, kind and non-judgemental. And the most painless cervical exams in town!”

Name: Marie Stopes Clinic, Canberra
Area: Sexual and reproductive health
Private or public: Private, fees vary, Medicare rebates available, private health rebates may be available.
Contact number: 1800 003 707
Address: 1st Floor, ACT Health Building, 54 Alinga Street, Canberra City
Website: They have live online help, and online booking.
Comments: “Friendly and weight-neutral sexual and reproductive health including abortion. The nurse was kind about my anxiety of being weighed for anaesthetic and none of the staff ever mentioned weight besides that.”

Name: Dr Petrovsky
Area: Endocrinologist
Private or public: Public
Contact number:
Address: Canberra Hospital, Yamba Drive, Garran
“I see this doctor once every three months to monitor my thyroid levels.  Not once has he mentioned my weight, or even suggested ‘lifestyle changes’. There is a compulsory weigh-in (along with a blood- pressure check) when you first come in to the clinic (I’m told that it’s a monitoring aid – it’s understandable in that context).”


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